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Brand New Fic Challenge! :-D

Join fictionland !!! A land comm dedicated to fanfic and original writing! Join one of three teams (Mystery, Romance or Drama), the team names have no bearing on what you can write! Please mention who sent you.
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And now for the big shinies ;)

We thought a lot about what awards to give for the over all challenge and in our eyes it really came down to one. Did you meet the 150,000 word challenge. We do the monthlies and team awards to keep people motivated but this is truly the real prize and I'm thrilled to say we have ten people who met this challenge. So I want everyone to give a big congratulations to acushla712, babytoaster, crescent_gaia, durakan, heartundone, jupitersings, lcviolin07, minteluxe, poeticthings, sirwynai, and stormingheavens. I am so beyond impressed with you all. I'll be posting all your awards here but just so we have one outside the cut, and because she had the highest reported count I'm going to post jupitersings's first. All others will be behind the cut. :D Also if any of you guys would like your name to be formated differently or anything just comment and let me know. ;)


As a bonus I've also made you guys some little icons. I'm definitely not the best icon maker but...here you go anyway!

You guys have all done an amazing job. This really is an awesome accomplishment and we hope you enjoy these banners.

Your mods

~Cat, Lissa and Zippt



Hey guys...

Woot! We've finally made it! And it's all because of you. :D We are thrilled to see so many made it to the end and once again we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated. We'd also like to remind you that now that autumnwrite is over we are starting up again in over in springwrite. And now it's time for the December AWARDS! :D

The first shiny we want to give out is for everyone who wrote in December. You may not have reached the official "quota" but if you wrote, if you found your muse and made your own quota or just got started, this award is for you.

I'll be putting all the rest of the usual awards under the cut. Please check them out. :D

AWARDSCollapse )

Now we would all like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of you who has participated in autumnwrite. This challenge marked the beginning of the second year for us running these challenges and we are thrilled to still have so many still hanging with us.

You've all done an excellent job and we are looking forward to more writing fun with all of you over in springwrite.

Your Very Proud Mods

~Cat, Zippit and Lissa



Hey, guys. Since we're at the end of the month we wanted to let everyone know where they ended up for December.

These counts are the result of the daily word count posts we have received from each of you. I have gone over and double checked everything I've been given and these are the totals as I have them. If you don't see yourself, that means we never got a comment from you on the daily word count post. If the counts are not correct it's your responsibility to see where the error was made. If you have a question feel free to comment here and I'll be more than happy to give you the counts I have, but these are the numbers I've got from the word counts provided.

With that said, here are your counts for the month of December! :D

December Standings:Collapse )

And now for the big number. :D

For the length of the challenge we have all written:


YES that IS right! That is just AMAZING guys! Congrats to all of you who have made this happen! :D I'm so proud of all of you! The awards will be up tomorrow along with the overall winner awards! :)

~Cat, Lissa & Zippit



I'm working on the banners guys so please get them all in! I'll be closing the month tonight.




Prompt for Thursday, December 31:


Word count for Thursday, December 31st!

Or if you would rather post for the week:

This is for Day 122, Thursday, December 31.

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Gearing Up for springwrite

As we head into the new year, we'd love to have some volunteers help us out with springwrite.

If you're so inclined, please take a look at the post here.


AW Participant Banner

Just because I'm neck deep in banners and can't remember if this was posted or not! LOL

Weekly Posting Poll

Hey guys!

We have one more poll we need your opinions on. It's over at springwrite and you can find it here. Basically we want to know what all you want to continue to see in the comm. :)

Thanks! Looking forward to another good challenge with all of you.


Prompt for Wednesday, December 30:


Word count for Wednesday, December 30th!

This is for Day 121, Wednesday, December 30.

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TEAMS FOR springwrite

Hey guys, I know this is late but with the holidays and recent family issues things have gotten a little behind as far as pulling the teams together. As such we've decided to try something a little different than the last two round to try and sort this out and try to let you guys be where you want to be. First off, for those who have already signed up for springwrite, were part of a team already and were an active participant in autumnwrite I've already listed you on teams. Mods are listed first and with * :

springwrite Teams:

seasonwrite2 seasonwrite3 seasonwrite4
crescent_gaia* candy__chan* heartundone*
bluesunsets aurumsisters acushla712
shirleyann66 catw00man lorilann
sirwynai lcviolin07

First off to the mods: We would like to know it you would all like to continue being mods so please let us know by commenting here. Also we'd like to see that each team as a co-mod, so if possible we'd like to have a volunteer from teams 2 & 4 to co-mod. Thanks guys!

For more signups: Below I will be listing the top members from autumnwrite that have not signed up for springwrite. If you'd like to be part of springwrite You can first sign up here. Once you've done that if you'd like to please comment here with your team selection. We'll do our best to make everyone happy, but as of Jan 1st if we don't have your selection we're planning on just assigning teams randomly. Here are the top unassigned posters for autumnwrite who were previously on a team.:

aidanself, awakeinthenight, bravenewyou, chocca2, darthneko, de311_nightluva, durakan, et_tu_lulu, flexanimousone, jedishadowolf, ladyrhyanne, layrenelement, lilimist, lissachicka, okmewriting, originalpuck, pesha, riverwynne, smakn, stormingheavens, tiel_firas, oxygentoxicity, xocoatldreams

Please comment with your team selection once you've signed up and feel free to spread around.

Also, if you don't see yourself, please feel free to sign up and request to be on a team and we will assign you one by Jan1. We're looking forward to a whole new challenge with all of you. Thanks!

~Cat & Zippit


Week 17 Status Update: Dec 1st-27th

Hey guys,time for your weekly update. From the counts I've received these are your weekly top posters and team points! Remember these counts reflect what I have been given off the daily word count posts made in autumnwrite. I do not take counts from your teams if you are on one. These counts are from Dec 1st-27th. Also look for some updates on springwrite teams and into soon.

Individual Top 20:
1 jupitersings 272672
2 acushla712 265705
3 poeticthings 55942
4 catw00man 53077
5 zippitgood 36695
6 heartundone 34213
7 bravenewyou 31378
8 sirwynai 13569
9 crescent_gaia 12237
10 shirleyann66 11608
11 minteluxe 9064
12 lcviolin07 9056
13 lorilann 398
14 stormingheavens 224

Total Team Points:
seasonwrite2: 278
seasonwrite3: 1609
seasonwrite4: 1372

Total Team Comments:
seasonwrite2: 74
seasonwrite3: 95
seasonwrite4: 86

Team counts reflect what has been reported and are updated when we receive the posts from the team leaders. Individual counts reflect the numbers we've been given. If your counts aren't correct, please see where the error was made and comment to let us know. Love to see so many participating already! Also, if you aren't on a team and decide you want to be just let us know and we'll be happy to add you to one. It's never to late to join the community or a team. :D

~ Cat & Zippit

Answer Me This

Your mods have a question for members about the daily word count posts. Do you want those still or do you prefer just having counts being asked for once a week?

Answer the poll


Prompt for Tuesday, December 29:


Word count for Tuesday, December 29th!

This is for Day 120, Tuesday, December 29.

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Prompt for Monday, December 28:


Word count for Monday, December 28th!

This is for Day 119, Monday, December 28.

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Prompt for Sunday, December 27:


Word count for Sunday, December 27th!

Or if you would rather post for the week:

This is for Day 118, Sunday, December 27.

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Prompt for Saturday, December 26:


Word count for Saturday, December 26th!

This is for Day 117, Saturday, December 26.

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Prompt for Friday, December 25:


Word count for Friday, December 25th!

This is for Day 116, Friday, December 25.

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Prompt for Thursday, December 24:


Word count for Thursday, December 24th!

This is for Day 115, Thursday, December 24.

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Prompt for Wednesday, December 23:


Word count for Wednesday, December 23rd!

This is for Day 114, Wednesday, December 23.

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