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Week 17 Status Update: Dec 1st-27th

Hey guys,time for your weekly update. From the counts I've received these are your weekly top posters and team points! Remember these counts reflect what I have been given off the daily word count posts made in autumnwrite. I do not take counts from your teams if you are on one. These counts are from Dec 1st-27th. Also look for some updates on springwrite teams and into soon.

Individual Top 20:
1 jupitersings 272672
2 acushla712 265705
3 poeticthings 55942
4 catw00man 53077
5 zippitgood 36695
6 heartundone 34213
7 bravenewyou 31378
8 sirwynai 13569
9 crescent_gaia 12237
10 shirleyann66 11608
11 minteluxe 9064
12 lcviolin07 9056
13 lorilann 398
14 stormingheavens 224

Total Team Points:
seasonwrite2: 278
seasonwrite3: 1609
seasonwrite4: 1372

Total Team Comments:
seasonwrite2: 74
seasonwrite3: 95
seasonwrite4: 86

Team counts reflect what has been reported and are updated when we receive the posts from the team leaders. Individual counts reflect the numbers we've been given. If your counts aren't correct, please see where the error was made and comment to let us know. Love to see so many participating already! Also, if you aren't on a team and decide you want to be just let us know and we'll be happy to add you to one. It's never to late to join the community or a team. :D

~ Cat & Zippit