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Hey, guys. Since we're at the end of the month we wanted to let everyone know where they ended up for December.

These counts are the result of the daily word count posts we have received from each of you. I have gone over and double checked everything I've been given and these are the totals as I have them. If you don't see yourself, that means we never got a comment from you on the daily word count post. If the counts are not correct it's your responsibility to see where the error was made. If you have a question feel free to comment here and I'll be more than happy to give you the counts I have, but these are the numbers I've got from the word counts provided.

With that said, here are your counts for the month of December! :D

Individual Counts for December:
1 jupitersings 331399
2 acushla712 308960
3 poeticthings 60635
4 catw00man 56818
5 smakn 54444
6 bravenewyou 39017
7 heartundone 38016
8 zippitgood 37767
9 sirwynai 30361
10 crescent_gaia 23662
11 stormingheavens 14287
12 shirleyann66 13613
13 minteluxe 9064
14 lcviolin07 9056
15 de311_nightluva 1823
16 lorilann 398

December Perfect Attendance: (Members who reported a word count for every day of December)

December Total Team Points:
seasonwrite2: 482
seasonwrite3: 1971
seasonwrite4: 1522

December Total Team Comments:
seasonwrite2: 86
seasonwrite3: 115
seasonwrite4: 132

December Participating Team Members:
seasonwrite2 seasonwrite3 seasonwrite4
bravenewyou catw00man acushla712
crescent_gaia de311_nightluva heartundone
shirleyanne66 jupitersings lorilann
sirwynai lcviolin poeticthings
minteluxe smakn
zipppitgood stormingheavens

And now for the big number. :D

For the length of the challenge we have all written:


YES that IS right! That is just AMAZING guys! Congrats to all of you who have made this happen! :D I'm so proud of all of you! The awards will be up tomorrow along with the overall winner awards! :)

~Cat, Lissa & Zippit