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Hey guys...

Woot! We've finally made it! And it's all because of you. :D We are thrilled to see so many made it to the end and once again we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated. We'd also like to remind you that now that autumnwrite is over we are starting up again in over in springwrite. And now it's time for the December AWARDS! :D

The first shiny we want to give out is for everyone who wrote in December. You may not have reached the official "quota" but if you wrote, if you found your muse and made your own quota or just got started, this award is for you.

I'll be putting all the rest of the usual awards under the cut. Please check them out. :D

The next award is for everyone who did make the monthly official quota of 36900. If you did congratulations!! You are doing a wonderful job and here is the award for your accomplishment.

Our next two awards are the individual awards for most words written in December and most words written in a single day in December. This month the award for most words written in a month goes to jupitersings who had a monthly total of 331,399 words and the highest daily total award also goes to jupitersings with a total of 19,803 on December 25th. Congratulations on these awards hun. You should be very proud!

The next set of awards we have are the team awards and we will start with the total team points award which has been won by Team 3. Congratulation guys! Keep up the good work. Team 3 wins this award with a point total of 1,971 points. Amazing guys!

The next team award we have is for the most active team. This award is given to the team that has the most word count comments. As we've said before we like to believe that every word counts and this award reflects that because it requires a lot of daily writing by the entire team. This award also goes to Team 4 for having 132 word count comments for the month of December. Good job guys! (As stated in the rules comments of zero were not counted)

Finally we have the teamwork award which goes to the team with the most participating members. To determine the winner for this award we looked to see how many different people on each team posted at least two word count comments or more. Team 3 & Team 4 tied for this award for December by both having 6 participating members. Good job guys. It's good to see so many participating all the way to the end of the challenge! :D

And now for my most favorite individual award. This award is for everyone who posted a word count for each day in December. This is the perfect attendance award. This is a great accomplishment because it's not always easy to find time to write everyday. Good job guys. By my records this award goes to catw00man, heartundone, poeticthings, shirleyann66, and sirwynai.

Now we would all like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of you who has participated in autumnwrite. This challenge marked the beginning of the second year for us running these challenges and we are thrilled to still have so many still hanging with us.

You've all done an excellent job and we are looking forward to more writing fun with all of you over in springwrite.

Your Very Proud Mods

~Cat, Zippit and Lissa